October 31, 2011

Addressing The Elephant

This past weekend, the Roanoke No Kill Coalition held a peaceful rally for the animals that are housed at the Roanoke Pound (RCACP).

Here are some facts:

  • While wholeheartedly supporting the event, Angels of Assisi did not initiate the event.
  • A few Angels of Assisi employees and volunteers helped plan / attended the event. 
  • Many other community members not associated with Angel of Assisi also helped plan / attended the event. 
  • The rally was held to increase community awareness of the high kill rate at the RCACP, the need for volunteers at the RCACP,. the lack of exercise, socialization, and medical treatment given to the animals at the RCACP. 

We at Angels of Assisi applaud the efforts of these caring community members. There were photographers, groomers, singers, nurses, teachers, computer technicians, moms, dads, and kids represented. All with one heart for the homeless animals in the building down the road from the rally.

In their free time, these good folks foster, adopt, transport, email, and network animals. And they want to do it more. They want to rescue them from the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection, and we do too.

The staff at RCACP has been very helpful, and it must be hard for them to see the numbers and photos circulate. They are also trying to save the animals, and through it all remain professional and cheerful when we call or email with questions about specific pets, and we appreciate them very much.

The road to change is rarely easy, especially when the leaders are not paving the way. But we're getting closer, and we can do this.

Thank you to all who came out last Saturday. You have our support and utmost respect. Angels of Assisi is behind the Roanoke No Kill Coalition and it's members 110%; always has been, always will be. Hope to see you again soon.


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  1. I read the posts on the
    Roanoke No Kill Coalition facebook page and am disappointed that whomever administers the page seems bent on throwing stones at one or two people. A lot of half-truths and misinformation is also posted - all in the name of saving the animals. That said...I am impressed with the passion, no matter how misdirected I might think it is. If one person can be convinced to have their pet spayed; one person be convinced to keep their pet instead of turning it over to the pound because they have to move; one person keep the family pet when they divorce, someone dies, or the kids leave the house....then I would consider the Roanoke No Kill Coalition to have been successful. The animals can be saved one at a time.