September 14, 2011


Pugsley arrived at Angels of Assisi last Thursday. He was originally adopted from the Roanoke Valley SPCA as a puppy, and returned on July 26th to the pound side of the building (the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection). He had been adopted to someone who lived in an apartment, and the arrangement was not working.

Although spending almost 40 days in a kennel without access to outside play time, Pugsley is well mannered and a happy-go-lucky guy. He gets along well with other dogs, and is patiently waiting for a new home. And did we mention he has the most adorable face and ears?

He is ready for adoption and holding interviews everyday at Angels of Assisi between 2 and 6 pm ♥

A huge thank you to Trish, Vickie, and Candace at the Regional Center for Animal Protection and Control for helping out with Pugsley. We appreciate you.

"We need to restore the full meaning of that old word, duty.  It is the other side of rights"
 ~Pearl Buck

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  1. Why was he not returned to the SPCA? This makes no sense. Surely they take back their own animals once they commit to them!