September 2, 2011

Not Their Fault

We are so sorry to do this but we feel that we have no choice. We have had Madelyn (Maddy) for 11 years and Griffin (aka "Bubba") for 10 years.

We love them as if they were our children, but 2 years ago we had our own child. After persistent ear and sinus infections, she was diagnosed with severe allergies to our cats. We love our cats - we believe in animal rescue - they were both adopted from shelters in the state. But we love our child more and can no longer do this to her health.

We have begged and pleaded for 2 months to find them a home. We have contacted every no kill shelter and rescue foundation that we could think of, with no luck.

They are both extremely loving and affectionate cats. They have lived in doors their entire lives. They are spayed/neutered. Unfortunately, Griffin is a diabetic. He receives 3 units of insulin twice daily.

Please forgive us for this, and remember it is not their fault. If they could be kept kept together as much as possible, I'm sure they would be happier.

They have been together their entire lives.

Please help find them a home.

We are truly sorry.


This note was found on a cat carrier outside the League for Animal Protection earlier this week. Inside were 2 scared cats, who made their way to Angels of Assisi thanks to the professionalism and kindness of LAP Director Pat Shaver and Botetourt Animal Control.

We could forever debate the fate that brought these 2 cats back into rescue- is this yet another allergy excuse to dump 2 cats?  Maybe they really were that bad? Could they have tried harder to keep the cats?

It could go on and on, but the bottom line is that the family left the cats outside a no kill shelter, and we believe they did try other options. Now it's time to put that energy into caring for these 2 scared and homeless kitties who are in this situation through no fault of their own.

Griffin in particular is having a rough time, and keeps his face as close to Maddy as he can. They are together and safe in the adoption center, but would benefit from a loving foster home.

If their former owners happen to read this, please know that we will keep them together, and that they will stay with us until a good home is found. We know that human life situations change, and not always how we would like them to. We agree that it is not Maggie and Griffin's fault, and will try our absolute best for them.

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  1. I'm sorry, but anyone who would judge a human being who cared enough for these cats to give one insulin twice a day has an issue. The root of the word "humane" is human. It sickens me that there are holier-than-thou people in the world who think that they're doing right by animals by tearing down the people who loved them but could not care for them. Do they really expect these people to give their child up for adoption instead?

    It's sad that you even need to remind people that the energy is supposed to be on finding a new home for the cats rather than blaming the humans responsible for bringing them to you. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if there are people who leave their animals in a field rather than go through the criticism and judgment that's handed to them when they turn them in for adoption by another loving family, which would be a shame all around that people can't rise above their own feelings to do what's right for the animals.