September 30, 2011


This past weekend the Biscuit Reunion was held at Blue Collar Joe's, and it was awesome to see some of our old friends.

One of the best parts of the day was seeing little Frost, the beagle that started it all. Most of us know the story of the Biscuit Fund, but let's go for it and take a trip down memory lane...

Frost and her beloved sister Scout were found in a ditch, suffering from horrible mange. The skin infections were so bad, it actually made them look like burn victims. The infestation smelled like yeast, and they affectionately became known as "the biscuits".

With some medical care, time, and whole bunch of TLC, they recovered. The Biscuit Fund was started in honor of them, to help other pets suffering from neglect and cruelty have access to medical care and the opportunity to become rehabilitated and adopted into loving homes. 

Frost has blossomed into a wonderful little dog. She is very busy each and every day, roaming her yard, digging holes, gnawing on sticks, and diligently keeping up with the ever important task of looking for a weak link in the fence. Bushes serve as secret forts, and you'll often find various toys hidden there. 

She's a lover of pizza, and will try and sneak up on tables and counters. Whenever the opportunity arises, she will grab an inside toy and high ball it outside as fast as she can. If you try and get it back from her, the glint in her eye shines even brighter. There is no way you will catch her to retrieve it, but she is so dang cute you've got to give it a shot.


In the middle of her busy day, (beagles have a lot going on, you know), she'll stop to give you a sniff, a nod, a "Hey- what's up? You know I think you're the best, right?" and then she will get right back to the task at hand- usually with tail up and nose to the ground. 

Although she lives with several other dogs, she's got a BFF in a girl named Karma. They are pretty much attached at the hip, and seldom run out the door without a shared toy hanging out of their mouths. The forts belong to them. They romp and play all day, and Karma will throw a paw over Frost's back to solidify the deal that nothing will ever separate them.

When the day is done, Frost is done. The busy, busy girl suddenly turns into a snuggle bug and will curl up next to you and rest. Watching her sleep deeply after a hard day's work just kind of melts your heart with admiration for who she has become.

Frost, Frosty Paws, Beagle-ina, Biscuit, Counter Walker, Stealer of Toys and Pizza, whatever you'd like to call her, she will always be known as the inspiration for the Biscuit Fund. Hundreds of animals have been helped because of the generosity and outpouring of support for this fund.

To me, Frost is also an inspiration for everyday life. Keep busy and work hard. Have a little fun along the way. It's OK to joke and tease people, and always stop to give someone a "Hey- what's up? You know I think you're the best, right?" throughout the day.

Pizza is always good, as are secret forts; in the human world some might refer to them as caves. Keep your best friend close- throw a hand over that shoulder and let them know that nothing will ever separate you. And at the end of the day, sleep well, knowing you worked hard and were good to those around you.

Little did any of us know on the day that Frost was brought to Angels of Assisi that lives other than hers would be so changed. Carry on Frosty Paws, we know you've got a full day ahead of you, and we'll continue to be inspired by your example.

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