August 26, 2011

What It Is

In early July, a beagle mama and her 9 babies were seized in Botetourt County and brought to Angels of Assisi for housing and medical care.

The civil court case to determine their custody was held within 10 days of the seizure. After reviewing the condition of the dogs, and hearing testimony from the owner, Animal Control, and Dr. Spangler's medical findings, the Judge decided to take the dogs away from their owner.

The decision was appealed, and we are now waiting to find out when the second court case will be held. 

Meanwhile, at Angels of Assisi, we have 9 beagle puppies growing up in a shelter, and one mama who is so happy for any type of humane contact that it kind of hurts your heart to see her.

All of the beagles have finally been cleared medically of the contagious skin condition they had upon arrival. What does this mean? It means we would be ever so appreciative for volunteers to work with the puppies, socialize them, and start some basic training. They can now go outside in the play yard under close supervision, as long as they stay on the property. Come to think of, I bet they would love some time in the baby pool.... 

The best times to take the beagles outside would be during lunch time (12-1:30) and after 4:30 pm when the other Assisi dogs are not in the yard. We would suggest working in teams of 2 or 3, because they can be a handful to get in and out. Mama beagle can be walked outside, but quite frankly, she is usually content to sit by your side (right Amanda?).

Thanks to Vickie Holt for getting some updated photos of the babies- we think they are looking much better and ridiculously cute. They all have unique personalities and lots  of beagle mischief to share.

Please send us an email or talk to a staff member if you can help. The bottom line is this: they are stuck in the adoption center through no fault of their own, and deserve a shot at as happy a puppy-hood as possible. For those that can help make that happen, eight million thank you's.

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  1. Right! I am madly in love with Mama. When I first started spending time with her, she would stay close, but would be frightened, shaking, and very wary. Now? She pounces on me like a panther, and I even get a wagging tail!! It kills me to see her sad eyes when I have to leave :( Here's hoping one day she'll be able to experience what a loving home should be.