August 4, 2011

Pit Bulls On The Move

The Angels of Assisi clinic is packed with pit bulls today! They are taking advantage of the $30 spay/neuter special, including Nyla, pictured below.

Nyla was rescued by Waynette Anderson, of Sponsor Hounds- the good folks who put on Woofstock and all the fun events here in Roanoke. 

Using her PR skills, Waynette did a great job of promoting Nyla, from living on the end of a chain to her journey in becoming a house dog. Waynette knew that Nyla would have been killed if taken to the Roanoke pound, "because she’s not a puppy & she’s a pit". 

According to Barbara Dahlhouse, board member of both the Roanoke Valley SPCA and the Roanoke pound, "we have to acknowledge that Roanoke (like many urban areas) has a pit bull problem and deal with it. Over a third of the dogs at the Pound that are euthanized are pit bulls.

Most pit bulls are sweet, lovable dogs, but they generally do not do well in a confined environment such as a shelter. 

Furthermore, they are less popular with adoptive families than other types of dogs because of the stigma associated with pit bulls. Therefore, they do not move well at the Roanoke Valley SPCA's adoption center." 

Huh. We believe that otherwise pit bulls in Roanoke most certainly ARE moving well. They are moving their way to be spayed and neutered, as can be seen in the clinic today. 

They are moving from the pound into persistent foster homes. 

 Romeo: transferred to Assisi from the Roanoke pound.

They are moving onto their own facebook pages.

 Mable, transferred to Assisi from the Franklin County pound

They are moving to the adoption center, and once there they are moving on walks, hikes and trips to the park

Charger: Botetourt County neglect case, transferred to Assisi

 Jinx:  transferred to Assisi from southern Virginia high kill pound

Julie: transferred to Assisi from the same pound as Jinx

 Kyle: transferred to Assisi from the Roanoke pound

 Ned: transferred to Assisi from the Roanoke pound

 Yota: transferred to Assisi from a northern Virginia pound after his owner was deployed.

 Hemi: transferred to Assisi from the Roanoke pound

Bergh: transferred to Assisi from the Roanoke pound

And they are moving into responsible, adoptive homes. 

Delila- transferred to Assisi from the Roanoke pound and adopted!

Healey: transferred to Assisi from the Roanoke pound and adopted!

So keep on keepin' on, all you folks who are doing the right thing for these dogs. 

You've moved us to have a love for this misunderstood breed, and we appreciate all your dedication in working towards a more certain future for pit bulls in Roanoke.


  1. I want to say that the pitbull is one of the best breeds out there when treated with love and respect they so desire. But wait that's any dog isn't it? I love the breed and will do what ever I can to help people understand what they are missing out on by not owning one!!!!

  2. What? No pix of Miss Coco, my Foster? Just kidding! She is a great doggie, I love her & I have watched her transform from a frightened, shaking dog to a confident, loving fun member of our pack. She's a GREAT Pittie Girl. I am grateful that Angels has entrusted her care to us!