August 17, 2011


A big shout out to Dr. Dana Miller of the Spartanburg Humane Society for all her devotion in helping the animals under her care. When asked just how many animals they intake each year, she answered with the following: 

"We get in about 18,000 each year.  Summer months are the busiest and we’re usually at 100-150 / day during the summer.  But despite the total, every animal counts and it really make all of us feel good to give a second chance to some of them that wouldn’t make it to our adoption floor (or made it to the floor and still don’t get picked because we have so many great animals)."

Dr. Dana not only medically treats the dogs, cats and smaller critters they receive, she also networks them for adoption. Among many other places, volunteers bring some to Angels of Assisi about once a month. Whether they arrive by car or private plane, it's always in style and they have beautiful collars, leashes, and bags full of toys. 

We're expecting a new group this Friday, and seriously, how cute are they?? 

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers of the Spartenburg Humane Society for your outstanding work and dedication to your mission. You're doing a wonderful, wonderful, job. And we can't wait to meet the new guys!!

The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence but by oft falling.  

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