August 23, 2011

And We've Got Ourselves A New Biscuit

A great big thank you to Carol and Trish at the Roanoke pound (RCACP) for their help in transferring this little gal to Angels of Assisi today. She came in with a large tumor that at one point was so swollen her feet could barely touch the floor. Apparently, the tumor shrunk, and is now filling up with fluid again.

She has been at the Roanoke pound for 10 days, enough for it to swell, drain, and start to swell again. She did received her shots, but came with no Vet records regarding the tumor.

Dr. Spangler evaluated her today, and we'll have more information on her medical treatment soon. It looks like she will be going to foster tomorrow, and once again we appreciate all who have helped give her a second shot in this world.

I think we'd all agree that she's worth it.

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