August 1, 2011

And Another

Earlier this afternoon, an urgent plea went out for this dog, housed at the Roanoke pound. He had until 4:30 today to find a rescue. If one could not be found, he would be killed. Oh, and did we mention that he has a terrible flea allergy and a respiratory infection? No? Well he does.

It's another one of those instances where you can't forget the look in his eyes. Damn. He didn't deserve to be left at a pound, sick, with not one person to claim him or put a rescue request on him.

The hours and minutes to 4:30 ticked away. And then, after a little (OK.... a lot) of networking, a plan sprung into action.

He will be pulled from the pound tomorrow, and boarded until his respiratory infection clears. After that, he will go to either foster care or to the Angels of Assisi adoption center.

Thanks to all who helped- by either brainstorming, transporting, or sponsoring his boarding fee. You saved his life.

When an animal's life is in danger, and an exact time of when it is going to end is published, and you count down the hours, minutes, seconds that he has left, emotions certainly tend to run high. But ranting against the system will not save him, cursing those that are doing the dirty deed will not save him, and lame excuses just don't matter anymore.

What does matter is that a group of clear headed folks each pitched in and took ownership of one aspect of this rescue. When one makes the call, one transports, one organizes funds, and many pitch in for costs, a life is saved.

To those that did just that and kept the drama low, thank you. This thing called rescue is a hard one, and the killing of homeless pets is not going to end easily. We can, however, keep clear heads and a straight path.

The word steadfast comes to mind, and, fortunately, we have a strong group of smart and compassionate people that are just that.

Doubts and mistrust are the mere panic of timid imagination, which the steadfast heart will conquer, and the large mind transcend.
~ Helen Keller 


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  1. Thank the good Lord. I hate hearing of an animal being put down because no one wants it. God finds ways to help them too and I'm so thankful for the "Angel's" for watching over this little guy. I wish I could help but I have many little one's myself. God bless this little one and keep him in his care by night and day. I will be praying for him and all the other's.