July 5, 2011

An Update On Clair Biscuit

Clair was transferred to Angels of Assisi from the Roanoke pound a few months ago. She arrived with terrible skin sores and what could easily be perceived as a snappy, aggressive attitude.

Fortunately, her foster mom Toni snatched her up anyhow, and took her home to heal the outside and inside ailments. While doing so, she discovered that Clair had some serious back and hip issues, causing terrible pain.

Toni continued to work with Clair, adjusted how she picked her up, found a harness that would not hurt her, gave her special food, and networked her like crazy for a permanent home.

And guess what, all the loving care and hard work paid off. Clair was adopted to a wonderful family in South Carolina a few weeks ago, and is doing great. The little dog who arrived at Angels of Assisi miserable and in pain, has flourished into an awesome and cherished lap dog. Her pain is under control,  and her new family is well aware of her health issues and dedicated to keeping her as comfortable as possible.

This past year, there has been a lot of discussion about the number of homeless animals killed in Roanoke (4674 in 2010, to be exact).

A large part of the blame has been placed on lack of spay/neuter and the irresponsible public.

Many successful No Kill communities will tell you that while spay/neuter is an important component of going No Kill, it is not the only piece to the puzzle.

They will tell you that you can foster and adopt your way to No Kill.

They will confirm that, yes, there are many irresponsible people contributing to the problem, but there are also many people who care and want, even insist, to be part of the solution.

Successful No Kill communities work with the pet loving, responsible public who open up their homes and hearts and refuse to give up on little dogs like Clair.

Do we have more people like Toni right here is Roanoke that are part of the solution? We sure do, and the numbers are growing. You are making a difference, and we appreciate you so very much. 

"I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom"  ~Author Unknown

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