July 11, 2011

Step By Step

Tina is a foster mom who has permission to transfer dogs from the Roanoke pound to Angels of Assisi. Last Saturday, she did a 'walk through" at the pound and saw Luci, a big black dog...the hardest to find homes for.

Luci was terrified, pressed to the ground and shaking. She would not even raise her head to look at anyone.

This dog's plight was not forgotten, and Tina knew that since she was an "owner surrender" (she was turned into the pound when her owners moved), Luci's photo would most likely never make a website, especially with her fear issues. If Tina had not requested to take a walk through at the pound, Luci's last days would have been spent pressed to the ground. And shaking.

Tina made arrangements to pick her up today. It was then that she learned that Luci would not come out of her kennel, and Tina would have to go back into the noisy corridor of dogs and give it a try herself.

Armed with her wonderful husband and a rescue friend, Tina vowed to give it her best shot. After 10 minutes of coaxing, Luci ventured out.

It took 20 more minutes to get her into the car, but once again, as with most of life's obstacles, baby steps have a way of working.

Tonight, Lucy is settling in nicely at home. She's had a few tail wags, and given a few smooches.

We all know that Luci has a long way to go. Fortunately, she has a loving family to help her every step of the way, one that does not care how long it takes her to get to the car, or how long the healing process may be.

Step by step, change can happen for the homeless animals in Roanoke. But if people do not know about what is happening behind closed doors, they cannot help.

Take Luci: 
  • Tuned in by her owner on July 1st. 
  • No photo posted to any networking or animal rescue site.
  • Spent 10 days at the pound progressively shutting down, to the point where she was pressed to the floor and shaking, and the very short walk from the kennel to the car took 30 minutes.
Tina is not a certified dog trainer. She is not a glutton for punishment. She is not a crazy whack job. She is not Super Woman Possessing Super Natural Powers. Nor does she own a magical wand.

She is, however, a smart, kind person who enjoys working with dogs and finding them new homes. She's good at it. Tina is interested in bettering the plight of the homeless animals at the Roanoke pound. She is a responsible member of our community. And guess what.... she is not alone. There are many others who would like to step up and volunteer, foster, and donate to help the dogs and cats behind closed doors.

What do you say, policies, procedures, and leadership of the Roanoke pound? Want to let the public in? All we're asking for is the chance to take it step by step and give these animals a chance.

Side note to Tina: you are awesome in our eyes- a very special thank you to you and Chris ♥

Side note to the RCACP staff: as always,thank you for all your assistance, we appreciate it.  


  1. Beverly TaylorJuly 12, 2011


  2. Luci looks so cautiously relieved!! She is beautiful on the outside. I imagine you will discover that she is just as beautiful on the inside.

    Thank you to Tina, Chris, Teresa and Angels!!

  3. I have always wanted a border collie but made a promise to my wife many years ago that I would not get one until my older dog passed away. Dogs have moods and mine would have been very angry at me if I spent time with another dog. Her name was Savannah. Savannah would ride with me everywhere and go on walks and even play "hide the dog treat" I lost Savannah to old age a couple weeks ago and really miss her after the 13 years she was a part of our family.
    So now, I have a home for a dog, a couple hundred acres of land for a dog to run, a job that allows me to bring a dog to work if I want, and a big hole in my heart. I would like to find a border collie that needs love, but is able to be trained in obedience and possible a few tricks.
    I hope to find a kindred spirit soon... This story has really tugged at my heart. Jeremy