July 7, 2011


Maddie's Fund has put out some exciting new data on the intake, adoption, and euthanasia numbers from 474 animal shelters across the country.

LRR is a Live Release Rate. To simplify, it is the percentage of animals that left any pound or rescue organization through adoption, return of a lost animal to its owner, or transfer to a placement partner. The percentage of the ones that left alive.

Check out the link here.

A big congratulations to Lynchburg for a Live Release Rate of 71 percent.

And to Charlottesville for a Live Release Rate of 90 percent!

Unfortunately, Roanoke was not included in the Maddie's Fund stats, but you can see here that for 2009 (the year used in the study) our Live Release Rate was 33%.

Lynchburg: 71 percent lives saved.
Charlottesville: 90 percent lives saved. 
Roanoke: 33 percent lives saved.

Pretty sad stats for our wonderful and caring community. The municipalities that send dogs and cats to the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection have assured us that change is coming, starting with the onset of a volunteer program.

Once again, the change cannot come soon enough. It's past time for new policies. procedures, and leadership.

Dedicated to the memory of Barkley, who will not be part of the Live Release Rate stats in Roanoke. He was killed last week. Rest in peace buddy; we'll keep the fight alive for those who follow. 

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