July 6, 2011

Networking Works

Meet Conrad- brought to the Roanoke pound as a stray in late May.

Thanks to the power of a little thing called the Internet, he is still alive today.

You see, a lady from Botetourt County named Teresa posted his photo. Jess from Pulaski County sent it to a hound rescue group. They said they would love to take him, but needed 2 weeks. So a kind lady named Inglath from Franklin County gladly offered to foster him. 

Conrad was picked up last Friday, brought to Angels of Assisi for the night, then transported by Jess to Inglath.  Jess met up with Teresa after the transport, and shared information on animal rescue.

And here is the real kicker- although they are all from different demographic areas, and all volunteer for different rescue groups, Teresa, Jess and Inglath share a passion for saving lives. In their eyes, we are all on one team, and the life saved is not a Roanoke pound dog, he is OUR dog, a living heartbeat, and 2 soulful eyes.

And thanks to them, he is alive today.

Here is Conrad, freshly bathed and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. (Inglath, the handsome new collar is wonderful, as always).

A big thank you to the team - none of whom are from Roanoke- for saving Conrad's life. We also appreciate the front desk staff (Trish, Candy, and Carol) at the Roanoke pound for making the transition as smooth as possible.

Networking works, friendships are developed and everlasting, and lives are saved.


Thanks to Jess and Coonhound Rescue, this wonderful boy was saved from death in a shelter. As his temporary foster, I cannot begin to say what a wonderful, kind, calm, appreciative soul he is. I don't know who left him at the shelter or never came to find him, but they threw away something amazing. I cannot imagine being the person to take this boy to a room and end his life. It is wrong. I look into his eyes, and see the vibrant life there, and I do not need anyone to tell me that it is anything other than morally incomprehensible. 
- Inglath Cooper

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