July 30, 2011

Biscuit In Waiting

This handsome guy is needing some major help. He is suffering from very painful ear issues, and will require surgery that will cost around $2000. The surgery will leave him deaf, but free from pain.

Right now, we help with 3 things: 
  1. Some creative brainstorming to raise money for the surgery.
  2. A good foster home
  3. A new name! Right now he is referred to as "The Bulldog", and we know ya'll can do better than that! 


  1. Maybe to raise money y'all could have another yard sale (or a bake sale). People might could donate their time to making crafts to sell, or making things for animals (for people who can sew such as pet blankets, beds, clothes, etc). Might could even get people to donate aluminum cans for recycling to raise money for him. Just a few things I could think of. I hope some of these ideas will help, poor little fella, I hope he'll be okay soon.

    As for a name..he looks like a Leo to me! :)

  2. Thinking on the fundraising ideas....I like "Biscuit"...He looks like a sweet lil Biscuit to me!

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    Winston! Name him Winston!

  4. I say name him Mack.

  5. Jess KraybillAugust 01, 2011

    Name him Pete, and have an "Eat for Pete" fundraiser - see if any local restaurants are willing to donate a portion of their profits one night to his surgery fund, in exchange for Angels putting out flyers, etc., promoting the event and giving them some publicity. And you could have a little display with his pictures, as well as some of the other pets that need homes, at the restaurant.