June 21, 2011

Time Line

Cocoa's Past
Part of a family, one that has taught her to sit, shake, and have good house manners- she is fully housetrained.

Somewhere along the line, she is put outside and left outside, tied on a short rope with only a barrel for shelter. This is where she was found trying her best to take care of 6 puppies.

She is rescued by Botetourt Animal Control and brought to Angels of Assisi. The puppies are started on special food; Cocoa is so thin we are worried they are not getting enough, if any, nutrition from her. Cocoa needs a break to clear up an infection and is also started on a special, high calorie food.

Cocoa At Present
Mama is gaining weight, and happy with her new digs in the back office, where it is cool and she has room to stretch. Most of her puppies are in foster care, and doing well. Cocoa likes to impress us with her intelligence and pretty blue eyes.

She likes us so much that she learns how to open the office door and come out for afternoon salutations.

She also lets us know how much she likes Sun Chips and playing tug of war. (She'd like more Sun Chips and less special diet, but wouldn't we all?)

Cocoa's Future
She is up for adoption, and we are confident that her story will come full circle- that she will be back with a family who asks her to sit, shake, and use her good house manners- meaning she will be an inside dog and no longer depend on a rain barrel for protection.

A family that will definitely play some tug of war, and may even slip her a Sun Chip now and then.


Some of us tell the Angels of Assisi Rescue Stories in long winded blog posts, others are able to capture the time line of a dog in a single snapshot. Vickie Holt has captured Cocoa's story in the photo below, and a picture certainly can tell a thousand words. Past, Present, and trusting in the Future.

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  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2011

    This picture is breathtaking, and perfectly sums up why I love dogs so very much. Fantastic, fantastic work.