June 28, 2011

Jingle Jangle All The Way Home

Good old Jingle got adopted today! He came to us all skin and bones last December, and has waited patiently for the right family to come along. Today was the day. He ended up back in Botetourt County, but this time with a new collar, leash, bed, a whole bunch of love, and a family to call his own.

Many thanks to his guardian angel, Gina, for loving him and networking the heck out of him- you done good. Thank you also to Bobbie Patterson for making sure the transition went as smoothly as possible- we appreciate you ever so much. And as for you Jingle, enjoy your new life, buddy. Welcome home.

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one" 
~Jane Howard

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