March 1, 2011

The Face Of Our Community

Lately there has been a lot of debate about irresponsible people being the reason why almost 5000 animals were killed in Roanoke last year at the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection.

We say that while people are part of the problem, they are also the solution. And it is our job as shelter staff to make it happen.

Here is Raider's story:

Raider was found in the freezing cold rain in the middle of a busy intersection. He was scrawny, bony, sickly and scared, but with an inner resilience that could not be hidden.

We are forever grateful to Laurie, who found him. Because of his breed, Laurie knew many shelters would automatically put him down and not give this wonderful boy a chance.

Laurie searched far and wide, and ended up in our front lobby on a mission to save this dog. She made a point to talk to Lee, the adoption center manager, and stated her case. After 5 minutes of conversation, mission accomplished! Raider had a new hope and a chance to be adopted to a loving family.

Laurie sponsored Raider, and came in to walk him almost daily. After several months of proper nutrition, exercise, and TLC, Raider blossomed into a beautiful dog and was adopted to a wonderful family: We were happy to receive this email!

Raider is doing great!! He is adapting to his new home amazingly well. He has developed a kinship with my grandson whom we take care of while my daughter works. He loves all the space to run in and all the new smells to discover. He is eating very well and , yes, he has discovered the nice soft pillow top of our bed. He loves to bug the cats. In short, he is truely in "dog heaven".

We love him-- thanks so much for matching us up with him.

Raider had several strikes against him- he is a pit bull mix, and a big black dog (big black dogs have a lower chance of getting adopted- a strange but true fact). He was scared, skinny and sickly; characteristics that are often not in a budget to rectify. Characteristics that might make him unadoptable.

Was Raider's original owner an irresponsible jerk? Probably.

Did a responsible person come through to save him? Absolutely.

Did we as no kill shelter do our best for him? Absolutely.

With the support of a responsible community, the acts of an irresponsible person were negated several times and Raider is safe, happy, and at home. And we had a good time working together to make that happen. Bonus!

"If anger wells up within you, because people are the problem, remember your humanity and that people are also the solution."
~From “We are Their Heroes” by Jim Willis


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