November 19, 2010

Update on Trooper- Let's Get To Work

The following info on Trooper is from Steve, the wonderful guy who found Trooper and has followed and supported him every step along the way. Please take time to write to the agencies he has listed below. The Danville paper is writing another article, and we will post that as soon as it come out.

Good evening, everyone - a quick update on Trooper.

He had his eye removed back in October, and he is doing well & recovering from that. He has a great foster family, and a particular fondness for the couch.

He has had a setback though. I got an email last week from my contact at Angels of Assisi, saying that Trooper had to go BACK into surgery.He had a place in his jaw that was not healing properly.

They found a bullet fragment.

To me, this puts things on another level. It is bad enough for Law Enforcement to ignore things, but it is shameless to allow this kind of mistreatment to not even be worthy of investigation.

Trooper has his life, he's got a loving family, and support from around the country. But he needs justice.

Here are the addresses to surrounding law enforcement agencies on the page above. Please write to them. Maybe a combination of pressure, persistence, and shame will motivate someone to take some sort of action.

From what I have found, animal abuse occurs usually within a 5 mile radius of where an animal is found. In Trooper's case, this encompasses 3 different Law Enforcement Agencies.

Here are the addresses you need.

Sheriff Michael Taylor
Pittsylvania County VA
Post Office Box 407
Chatham Virginia 24531

(The above is the actual, physical location in which Trooper was found. Trooper was literally 50 feet inside this jurisdiction where I located him.)

Sheriff Lane Perry
Henry County VA
3250 Kings Mountain Road
Martinsville, VA 24112

(The above is the next closest jurisdiction, by literally 50 feet, from where he was found. It is a strong possibility that he actually was abused in this area, but that is just my own opinion & suspicion).

Sheriff Sam Page
Rockingham County, NC
Law & Order Bldg.
NC Hwy 65
Wentworth, NC 27375

(The above area is less than 2 miles from where Trooper was located).

It is bad enough for law enforcement to ignore things, but it is shameless to allow this kind of mistreatment to not even be worthy of investigation. I hope a combination of pressure, persistence & shame will motivate someone to take some sort of action.


Here is a summary of events:

An update on the Pit Bull that was used as a bait dog. His journey is nothing short of miraculous. IMO, one of his miracles came about with some real life Angels intervening to save him.

The Angels of Assisi (as well as other rescue organizations) get dogs in need of the type of care & surgery that Trooper got. If you would like to do something, please go to the Angels of Assisi & donate to their Biscuit fund: (

Check your area for local rescue groups if you'd prefer to donate locally.

Trooper arrived at Steve's farm on on September 26. Here are several links regarding Trooper's journey.

They're in the order of when they happened, so you can determine the chronology of events.

His first evening at Angels of Assisi, where they saved his life. This is when they discovered that his mouth was full of maggots (Dr.picked 100+ out of his mouth), infection all over, puncture wounds all over, and even a puncture wound that went through the skin on top of his head, through his skull and into the cranium

An update on his condition the next morning.

A quick update on 9/29 - he was trying to stand.

After he had been moved to Vinton Veterinary Hospital

Trooper's story is on WSLS 10, out of Roanoke from 9/30.

An update from 9/30, when he had to be taken back into surgery for infection

An EXCELLENT article in the Danville Register & Bee written by John Crane on 9/30

The aftermath of Trooper's Surgery on 9/30.

An update of his condition on 10/2 - significant surgery on 9/30, still recovering.

An update of Trooper on 10/5. He is beginning to bounce back.

Another EXCELLENT article by John Crane that was on the front page of the Danville Register & Bee on 10/5.

An update on 10/8. Trooper is improving - the vets could not be more pleased with his progress.


Trooper was back in the clinic on 10/12 to get neutered & was on TV. He's had some more work done to his face.

Trooper had to go to Virginia Tech today to have his eye looked at. They've determined that he is already blind in that eye, and they made the decision to remove the eye within a couple days (10/20). There was some apprehension about doing a painful eye exam on a pit bull that had been used as a bait dog, but Trooper let the vets do their thing, all the while not moving a muscle while they were examining him. Before he left, 3 of the vet students asked about adopting him.

On 10/21, we went to Roanoke for the evening, and on our way, stopped to see Trooper where he was being fostered. This was one day after he'd had his eye removed, so he still looks rough, and he was on some pretty heavy duty pain medication that day. His foster mom said he was pretty mellow & not his normal self that day - a puppy who is constantly in motion & is into everything. Donations have come from all over the country to help with his medical care, as well as from as far away as Scotland. Where he is today is nowhere near how he was when I found him.

And then, just when Trooper was beginning to trust people, this happened. I thought I'd seen him at his worst. I had not. This was at his worst.

I will post some more updates & pictures as I get them. Sad to say, but despite several articles in the newspaper, as well as Trooper appearing on 2 regional newscasts multiple times, there has not been one whit of interest or action by local law enforcement.

Wonder WHY all sorts of animal protection groups regard Pittsylvania County as a haven for dog fighting??? To not have even made any inquiries is an embarrassment. When local law enforcement refuses to act or even take any interest, does that in itself not give the appearance of impropriety?

I will try to keep you posted with more info as I get it. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in Trooper, especially those kind enough to donate to Angels of Assisi for his care.



  1. Brenda HooperNovember 23, 2010

    My letters are going out in today's mail!

  2. Hey Steve, I have a nice thought for you. There was the quote about 'eyes being the windows to the soul' on the blog when Trooper was preparing for eye surgery. well as the eye that was removed was fight damaged, I'd say Trooper is done seeing the bad in the world and having the world see the bad in him. From here on out its just the good. May everyone who sees him see that shining, hopeful, loving, never give up soul within. If ever there was a dog whose life exemplifies 'Amazing Grace' its him. I look forward to the stories his 'fur-ever' family will tell about him in the future.

  3. Steve, I live in Pittsylvania County. Typically in our county animal abuse cases are handled by the Danville Area Humane Society, not by our local animal control.

    Call DAHS and ask to speak with Paulette Dean.