November 18, 2010

Shalom at the Dog Park

Shalom (שָׁלוֹם): a Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness, and welfare and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye. As it does in English, it can refer to either peace between two entities, or to the well-being, welfare or safety of an individual or a group of individuals.

Last Sunday, Rabbi Fabian Werbin and Beth Israel Synagogue hosted a Bark Mitzvah at the Roanoke Dog Park. We all had a blast, and suffice it to say there was plenty of Shalom for everyone.

Jenny pictured below, is a wonderful dog and up for adoption. She is from the Covington rescue last summer.

More family fun...

Queen Elizabeth, on the left, is also from the Covington rescue and available for adoption. She is a lot of fun and loves other dogs.

Queen Elizabeth again, with long time Assisi resident Brendon. Brendon was actually adopted a few weeks ago, and we happened to run into him and many other Assisi alumni that day. Vickie Holt, who took these photos, said this shot looks like Brendon is telling Queenie what it is like to have a home and he knows she will have one soo too ♥

Sweet Matrix below. Talk about some long legs! He is more than ready for a new home and lots of TLC! His adoption fee has been paid by some great folks who want the best for him.

Many thanks to Vickie Holt for the photos, and volunteers Manny, Rose, Diane, Grant, Ed. And a special thank you to Rabbi Werbin for sharing the Shalom with our four-legged friends.

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