November 5, 2010

Bedford Biscuits

The dogs and cats from the Bedford Rescue are doing well. About 40 of them need dental work, and we are the process of doing those now. A few have been adopted, and the rest are ready for adoption.

Almond, picured below, loves to be held and petted, and she will rub all over you. She is one that needed some major dental work, but she is much better and ready for a new home.

Bess- who is actually a boy- will crawl up into your arms and roll all over you, give face rubs and otherwise be a big sweetheart. On the floor, he investigates with good naured curiosity, but when you pat your hand on the floor, he will run back and dive his nose to the floor to rub his face along the hand that called him. He is very gentle, despite his big and muscular frame.


All cat adoption this month are $40, and the adoption center is open from 2-6 everyday. Hope to see you soon!!

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