November 4, 2010

A Back Up Plan For Some, A Welcoming Home For All

Last week at the adoption center, Angels of Assisi had to face some tough decisions. One of our dogs, Nicholas, has turned more and more unpredictable in his behavior. He can be sweet as pie one minute, and in a flash he can - and will - turn around and bite. (To our beloved and dedicated dog walking volunteers, thank you for your understanding and support).

It was simply not safe for him to be adopted into a family, and we gradually accepted the fact that he could not even be placed in an adult only home.

At the same time, a very sweet cat named Luckey was diagnosed with a type of feline virus that can spread to other cats. She would be able to be placed in a single cat home, but with no immediate takers we were concerned about the other cats in the adoption center.

I'm sure many other adoption centers and no kill facilities are faced with the same issues everyday. However, most do not have a "safety net", and we are eternally grateful for our partner, Harmony Farm Sanctuary.

Harmony is home to cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep and bunnies. And now Nicholas and Luckey are also safe from a fate that could have been tragic.

Nicholas is much more relaxed and happy, and has made a fast friend with farm manager, Jason. Luckey is also settling in nicely in the spacious feed room, and has a favorite warm spot to nap when she is not busy checking out the daily activity from her screen door viewing area.

A home is supposed to feel safe and welcoming, and Nicholas and Luckey have found theirs.

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