November 21, 2010

All The Comforts Of Home

Tucker has been a part of our family since last February. Since then he has overcome painful heartworm treatments, made the climb to McAfee's Knob, learned how to be around horses and cranky ponies, endured long softball games, and maneuvered his way into our routine and hearts with remarkable ease.

The one thing he has never done is attempt to get on the furniture. And I never pushed it because, well, he is 112 pounds and full of hair. That is until last night, the night which will be marked down in history as One Of The Greatest Nights In Tucker's Life.

It all started like any other evening- kids watching a movie and Tucker on the floor pillow. I plopped down on the couch and before I knew what was happening, the words "come on up here, Tuck" came spilling out. Maybe it was because one of my favorite movies was on; it was during the scene in Little Miss Sunshine where Olive is dancing to "Super Freak" and I was feeling a little on the wild side.

Anyhow, he looked at me, looked at the couch, looked at me, and looked at me again. Then in a single bound he was up on the darn thing and gave me a side glance asking "are you SURE???"

(Side note: the "up on the couch in a single bound" is pretty significant. This is the dog with the old hip fracture that has to be lifted into the car. The jump to the couch, however, did not seem to bother his old injury one iota. Interesting.)

A few pats on the head gave him all the reassurance he needed. He stretched out, then sat up and rolled over on me, obviously very happy with both of us for this new found freedom. Or maybe he was getting his groove on to Super Freak as well.

Either way, like every great American dog, he is exercising his couch freedom as often as possible. He is so big that one of his back legs usually flops over the side. The rest of him though, is seriously digging the comforts of the O'Neill Abode. And what's a little dog hair amongst friends, right?

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