October 26, 2010

Update on Trooper Biscuit

Our good friend Steve found Trooper one month ago today. A lot has happened to and for Trooper since then, including several surgeries, a trip to Virginia Tech, therapy, infection control and pain management. 

Trooper has had an outpouring of love from all over the country, and donations from as far away as Minnesota and California. We appreciate each and every kind thought and donation sent his way.

Last week, Steve got to see Trooper for the first time since he brought him to our clinic, when he was full of maggots, puncture wounds, and an incredible will to live. The reunion was a happy one, and here is a posting from Steve:


Last Thursday, Ella & I went to Roanoke for a show that she'd given me tickets for for my birthday. In talking with folks from Angels, they put me in touch with the folks who are caring for him - his foster family, as well as the family waiting to adopt him. We worked it out to where we were able to go see him on our way to Roanoke.

He had the surgery on Wednesday to remove the right eye. An earlier visit to Virginia Tech determined that he was blind already in that eye, and that it was both a source for continuing infection & pain for him. It was at that point that they decided the best option for him was to have it removed. They said the pain in the short term would be significant, but that it was best for long-term health.

While the eye looks bad, you can see a lot of life in the one good one he has. This dog has got the heart of a lion, and to see what he is at now versus where he was, he is a million times better than he was less than a month ago.

I found out in talking with his foster family that they've determined that he also has a broken front left leg. Its the smaller bone in that leg, and what appears to have happened is that another dog had bitten him & punctured the leg, broke that bone, which appears to have either dissolved or has been pushed out of the leg. It's 2 loose ends that will just have to knit back together naturally. From what they said, it just causes some stability problems for him & is not painful.

On the good side, he's gained about 8-10 lbs, and is a ball of solid muscle. He was on morphine in the photos we have, and he is very subdued according to reports. Some of the pictures that were emailed to me support that - several are out of focus where he's in such constant motion.

It was really good to see Trooper. He's got a lot of things ahead of him, not all of them pleasant, but he has a wonderful, loving home that he's in now, as well as a forever one waiting for him, much much more than what he had a month ago.


  1. I am so happy Trooper is doing so well. Thank you Steve, Angels of Assisi, Virginia Tech, foster family and everyone else involved in saving this little guy.


  2. This warms my cold little heart. lol

    After meeting Trooper a few weeks ago, I went home and made sure to give my pit babies HUGE hugs. Yuri - a fellow Angels rescue - just couldn't understand why mommy was crying WHILE laughing at his goofy butt!

    Thanks to all who've given this awesome little guy a second chance :)


  3. Brenda HooperOctober 26, 2010

    I check the Angels website everyday hoping to see an update on this little guy and it always makes my day when I find some good, positive news. I hope this angel continues to improve and has many happy, healthy days ahead.

  4. Trooper- you have such a wonderful spirit, it is truly full of unconditional love!!! I know that you will never need or want for anything again!! Thanks to all of the great people and organizations involved in his care!! You are really the of Angles in all of this! Trooper, i love ya buddy and will always, always think of you!!! I hug my pitbulls even tighter every night! Kisses to you Trooper!

  5. Trooper, you look amazing! Wow! A heartfelt thanks to everyone who aided in his rescue and recovery, from a fellow pittie rescuer and lover.

  6. if it werent for Steve's compassion and loving heart trooper would not have had a change....thank you