October 12, 2010

Update on Trooper Biscuit

Trooper was back in the clinic today to get neutered. He'll be on Channel 10 tonight, along with Office Manager Deb delivering with a special message about spaying and neutering your pit bull!

While Trooper was in for surgery, he also had some more work done to his face. The Vet's are still very pleased with his progress. And matter how much poking and prodding they do, he still greets everyone with a happy wag of the tail and a sweet, gentle manner.


  1. Trooper- you look great, better everyday! Keep your chin up as I know you will. Kisses to ya!!

  2. Hey Trooper- looking great!! Better and better everyday! Hang in there buddy as I know you will. Kisses to ya!

  3. I love you, precious little boy.