October 8, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Cheyenne is a senior dog who came to Angels of Assisi last summer. Her family was going through a tough time, and did not have the ability to keep her. The initial agreement was for Cheyenne to have a safe haven while they worked things out. However as weeks went on, her family agreed it was best to put her up for adoption.

Cheyenne was moved to one of the kennels right on the adoption floor, so she could get as much exposure as possible. Many people stopped to see her, offer a kind hand and special treats, but no takers on adoption. Turns out that was the best thing that could have happened. Her family came in today. Their situation has improved, and they were hopeful she was still with us. And sure enough there she was. A tail wagged, papers were signed, and Cheyenne went home.


  1. Man that makes me happy! Cheyenne and Nick are the two dogs there that always had me saying prayers. Cheyenne is a sweetie and no wonder I couldn't convince anyone to take her, she was destined to go back HOME! Thanks for sharing this Lisa!!

  2. Thanks for taking her in and giving the time it took for her family to get things together again. Really a happy ending!

  3. im so glad. Cheyenne is so sweet. This makes me happy :) :)