October 9, 2010


Blue Collar Joes's in Daleville invited us to host an adoption event today. (Actually, they invited us a long time ago- a standing invitation no less- and we finally got organized enough to bring some dogs and cats up to beautiful Botetourt).

Our friends at the League For Animal Protection were attending another event today, but we brought along one of their dogs named Munchkin. Munchkin has been waiting for a home for a quite a while, and as it turned out this was his day. He left Blue Collar Joe's and went for a "meet and greet" at his potential new home. All went really well, and a match was made.

Here is Munchkin's adoption photo, and one with his new family. Have a great life, buddy ♥

A special thank you to Daniel and his caring staff at Blue Collar Joe's for having us. We also have a deep appreciation for Pat Shaver and the dedicated group of volunteers at LAP. These folks do a lot for the pets in our community!

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