October 26, 2010

Oh Trooper!

Just when we thought Trooper was getting to trust people this happened...

LOL- his foster family said he hates the costume and has to shake it when it comes off. Happy Halloween buddy!


  1. I think I would have to bite anyone who dressed me up like that! Keep up the progress Trooper!

  2. Trooper- what a cutie!!!! You are an awesome boy!!

  3. that guy has made a great recovery! so glad he is now surrounded by caring people. I hope the people responsible for his injuries are caught and punished.

  4. I have been following his story for awhile and what gets me is that if trooper was a police dog whoever was responsible for this kind of abuse would have already been arrested and put in jail. If you ever watch police officers and their dogs its awsome so why cant they see that the dogs they love and care for is the same as dogs like trooper. Trooper buddy you keep fighting the good fight and someday maybe stories of you and all the others will reach the ppl who can change the way things are done now. love ya buddy