October 5, 2010

Good News On Trooper Biscuit

A photo tells a thousand words, and these speak volumes. The little man is bouncing back, and we're thrilled. Thanks to all who have spread the word and donated to the Biscuit Fund for his care. And a very special thank you to his foster family, who have made all the difference in the world.


If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.

~Mark Twain


  1. This is overwhelmingly good news!!!!! I cannot believe its the same dog..

  2. Oh Trooper- you look awesome!! What a good boy!! The foster family and the Vets have done an amazing job!! I'm so proud of you for pushing through little guy! Thank you Angels for the update! Kisses to ya Trooper!!!

  3. Ohhh tears of joy!!!!!!

  4. Brenda HooperOctober 07, 2010

    Such wonderful news to see Trooper recovering as quickly as he is! PLEASE keep these updates and photos coming!!

  5. This is just wonderful. I wish Trooper the best of luck, he deserves it. And bless everyone that was involved in his rescue.

  6. Ashley PeaceOctober 09, 2010

    Oh yay!!! I am so very glad this sweet boy is doing better. Please keep us all up to date on this brave little soul. I've been checking the site everyday for updates on him. Thank you Angels and bless the family that is fostering him. You are angels too. Keep the pics and news coming :)