October 14, 2010

Fuchsia Gets A New Name & A Fresh Start

Fuchsia is doing really well in her new foster home. The dog who was aggressive towards other dogs at Angels of Assisi is seen below relaxing with another Dobie.

Her foster mom said:  Fuchsia (now Charmin) is doing wonderful- she is putting weight on and playing with the rest of the gang. I still have to watch her with the min pins but she is doing great! Here is a picture I was lucky to get as she never sits still long enough.

Many thanks to Fuchsia's (Charmin's) faithful Angels of Assisi volunteers who believed in her enough to take her out and about, and start the introduction to other dogs. That was a not a job for the faint of heart! Also, thank you to Jill Deegan and Kathy Davieds for networking to get her into foster care. And a million hugs to Northcoast Doberman Rescue for taking this girl in and giving her a second shot in life.


  1. Sometimes dogs just need a chance, and while there are a few dogs who are truly dog aggressive and can't be rehabilitated, many times in a new setting, a dog will learn from the pack and want to fit in enough to overcome their fears. Go Charmin!

  2. Wonderful happy ending. wish more shelter groups would give these animals as much time and hope as Assisi does. Thanks also to Jackson Savage for seeing Fuschia aka Charmin and assess her.

  3. we love you Fuschia/Charmin