October 8, 2010

Dr. Emily Gallagher

Dr. Emily Gallagher came through the Angels of Assisi clinic as a student at Virginia Tech. I remember the staff speaking very highly of her, and they were all sorry to see her leave at the end of her rotation.

Time marched on, the sun and moon aligned just right, and down the road we had an opening for a Veterinarian the same time Dr. Emily was looking for a position. A match made in heaven (at least as far as we were concerned!).

It was our intention to introduce Dr. Emily into the world of a high volume spay/neuter clinic nice and easy, but you known how the best laid plans go.

In September alone she and Dr. Spangler handled 577 spay and neuter surgeries, 81 heartworm tests, 147 feline combo tests, 52 adoptions, and 792 rabies shots.

Top that off with the 103 animals rescued from Bedford, our regular adoption center animals, a recovering pooch named Mr. Specs, Botetourt and Craig county neglect and cruelty cases, a little "bait dog" named Trooper, and it's safe to say she has been properly initiated.

We love Dr. Emily because she handles it all with a steadfast, common sense approach. Happiest in scrubs or jeans, she is probably the most down to earth person I've met. We've seen her handle a complicated spay surgery, and we've seen her crawling on her hands and knees under cages trying to net a feral cat. She handles each situation with logic, a good knowledge base, and a smile on her face.

Welcome to our crazy world, Dr. Emily; we're really happy to have you!

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