October 7, 2010

Bedford Rescue- 2 Sides

Since the Bedford Animal Control/Mr.Snellings day in court yesterday, emails have flooded our in-box. Some people are in full support of Mr. Snellings and believe he did not deserve to have his animals taken away. Some people are outraged that he will be allowed to have 3 dogs back.

Based on the facts, the ruling yesterday was made by the good people appointed and qualified to make such a decision. At Angels of Assisi, our role is take care of the animals entrusted to us and follow the orders of the court. For now, that means keeping the animals safe and medically treated for another 10 days to allow Mr. Snellings time to appeal the court's decision.

We will continue to leave the judging up to the judge, and care for the innocent lives caught in the crossfire (like "number 100" pictured below). Thank you for your support during this time, we will keep you posted if/when the Bedford animals can go up for adoption.

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