October 10, 2010

Bedford Biscuits Get A Chance To Shine

The 103 Bedford Biscuits have settled in, and the staff has maintained a faster paced routine to take of everyone. Many thanks to all who have volunteered their time to help clean, walk, medicate, and do laundry.

Angels of Assisi is thankful to have one special lady come to the adoption center every single weekend. She is armed with heavy equipment and a creative twinkle in her eyes. She knows each animal well, and always stops to let a cat jump in her arms or give a dog an extra scratch behind the ear.

Photographer Vickie Holt not only captures the souls and spirits of the animals, she captures our hearts along with them.

As the stories unfold, the 103 Bedford animals have been lumped together as one big group. Over the last few photo sessions, Vickie has worked to show each individual personality and each individual spirit.

After viewing the photos below, we'd say mission accomplished. Thank you, Vickie. No matter what the situation, we can always count on you to have the best interest of the animlals at heart. Thanks for using your creativity for the good guys, and giving them a chance to shine.

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