October 1, 2010

Another Step Towards Recovery

Trooper Biscuit was back in surgery yesterday. He had part of his upper lip removed because the tissue was dead and causing more infection. The good news is that he is going to a foster home later today with an experienced Vet Tech.

The wonderful folks at Vinton Veterinary Clinic think he will be more comfortable in a foster home where he will continue with his antibiotics, pain meds, and therapy.

We'll keep everyone updated over the weekend. We know he looks rough in this photo, but he is feeling better.

Again, we thank Vinton Veterinary Clinic for taking such good care of him. Thanks also to Shelia; she has been on stand-bye to foster Trooper, but understands that he needs a foster who can provide more medical treatment at this time.

Please spread the word about the Biscuit Fund that will help Trooper and many others.

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