October 2, 2010

Another Biscuit

Late yesterday afternoon, we received a neglect/cruelty case from Craig County. After a late night in the clinic, she seems to be holding her own.

"Belle" is another dog that will benefit from the Biscuit Fund, established to ensure that neglect and cruelty case pets will be given proper care and treatment. The fund also allows for trained Angels of Assisi medical staff to testify in court when charges are made against former owners.

Pictured below on the right is a little beagle named Frost; she and her sister Scout were the inspiration for the Biscuit Fund. Now over a year old, she is healed, happy and very much loved. Together we're working hard to ensure a happy future for Belle as well.

Thanks to Dr. Emily, Dr. Shelley, Bobbie and Jill for extra hours put in yesterday to help with Belle's care.


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