October 25, 2010

Alumni Monday

‎"Shelters cannot continue to be slaughterhouses and friends of animals cannot continue killing healthy beings in the name of mercy. A new and larger vision is needed, a vision in which shelters hold themselves accountable for meeting demanding performance standards that preserve life – not destroy it." ~

(1989) Edward Duvin -

Nautica was rescued from a local pound with a high kill rate. She had a bum leg, and therefore very few options. Her Cage Card did not have a "rescue hold" sign. Yet her sweet spirit shined brighter than her crooked leg, and through volunteers she made her way to Angels of Assisi.

Soon she was adopted to a wonderful family, who did not mind the bum leg. They fell in love with her sweet spirit, and knew others would too. In fact, they are taking it a step further and believe that handicapped kids may learn and relate to her, and we agree. Nautica is now in the process of entering a visitation program for handicapped children.

From a high kill shelter to a therapy dog- good things happen when we work together, and keep the best interest of the animals at heart. 

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  1. Proof that every creature is created with a purpose in mind, if only we open our eyes and hearts to see it!