September 28, 2010

Update on Trooper Biscuit

This afternoon Trooper was transferred to Vinton Veterinary Hospital for some extra care. We were concerned about some swelling in his back legs, and their hospital is more equipped to handle serious cases like Trooper. As soon as he gets cleared, he will return to Angels of Assisi, and eventually go to his foster home.

His story will be on channel 10 and channel 7 tonight, links to follow. A special thanks to Dr. Farrell for all her care (while on vacation!) and Patti Lucas for driving him over to Vinton.

Donations can made via The Biscuit Fund for his care- thank you.

Hang in there, Trooper, we're all pulling for you.

The plastic tubes in his head and leg are actually drains to help ease the swelling and infection.


  1. Look at this handsome boy! Sending him lots of healthy and healing vibes :)

  2. Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

  3. This is suppost to be MAN'S BEST FRIEND, Yet we treat them like dissposable trash, You should be put under the jail and NEVER be aloud to own any pet ever again. This just sicken's me to NO END! I PRAY for your recovery BISCUIT! Lot's of Love and Compassion and Prayers goin out to you!! Kay Cranor.

  4. i wish hammarabi code was still in place so trooper could tear into whoever did this to him! maybe we could make a "fighting pen" and all watch trooper get revenge on this sick individual!

  5. so sad what some humans do to animals. praying for Trooper. God bless you

  6. Jami HutchinsonSeptember 29, 2010

    breaks my heart.. what the hell is wrong with ppl.. how on earth do they sleep at night or live with themselves knowing the pain and anguish they cause these sweet, trusting animals.. they deserve all the hell they put the animals through..