September 29, 2010

Trooper Biscuit- Improving

Thanks to the great staff at at Vinton Veterinary Hospital, little Trooper is feeling better. He is receiving heavy duty antibiotics, hydrotherapy, and lots of TLC. Today he was able to walk for the first time.

Hang in there buddy- you've got a lot of people pulling for you.

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  1. I wanted to personally thank you for championing for this wonderful dog. As a private Pit Bull Rescuer, I have had more than my share of dogs come through our doors with missing parts....who have turned into fantastic companions. It is a breed I will support and fight for until I take my last breath.

    Thank you to everyone at Angels of Assisi and Harmony Farm Sanctuary, and the fantastic vet and vet staff for saving this boy's life.

    Very truly yours,
    Sylva Penkov-Southwell
    Beaverdam, VA