September 24, 2010

Second Leg of the Journey

Mr. Specs made his way to Angels of Assisi today, and will stay with us for some rehab and physical therapy. Icing legs, performing range of motion exercises and using extreme caution during potty breaks are not normal routines in our spay/neuter clinic. We don't often walk dogs with a towel wrapped around their hindquarters to support their back legs from slipping, but we're trying hard and establishing a comfortable routine already.

Just as this is new to us, it's new for Mr. Specs as well. He's not used to living in a crate, he's not used to all the new faces, and, quite frankly, he's not used to having a towel wrapped around his hindquarters while he's trying to pee.

But he is trying hard to please us and make the best of it. You can see the wheels turning as he navigates the maze of our building when it's time to go outside. On the last potty break tonight, he made all the correct turns to the front door, and seemed pretty pleased with himself.

He makes sure to get right up in your ear when you’re close to him, gobbles his meds with enthusiasm, shows appropriate appreciation for his soft bed, and generally makes it easy to fall in love with him. Thanks Mr. Specs- 4 more weeks and you'll be home safe and sound ♥

A very special thank you to Dr. Spangler and staff for caring for this great guy! We appreciate you!

We appreciate any donation that can be made to cover his surgery (thanks to those that donated through the website and are not shown in the tally below).

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