September 24, 2010

The Scoop on Mr. Specs

Last Monday, Mr. Specs had left rear leg ACL repair surgery. At the same time, he had an infected screw and washer removed from a previous ACL repair in his right leg. He has bum knees and a "not so hot" front leg as well, but it certainly does not keep this happy boy down. He is known and appreciated at his rescue home for fostering orphan puppies.

A very special thank you to Dr. Eric Krauss and the Franklin County Animal Hospital for taking on his case. Without Dr. Krauss, this expensive surgery would have been out of the question. As of today, we need to raise $400 to cover the remaining expenses. Please see the ChipIn box below- any donation will be appreciated and used to cover his bill at Franklin County Animal Hospital.

Mr. Specs will be coming to Angels of Assisi today for a few weeks recovery before he returns home to West Virginia. We're looking forward to meeting this special boy, and will keep everyone updated on his progress ♥

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