September 15, 2010

A Really Nice Place

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the Salem Animal Shelter to pick up some bunnies. What a wonderful experience- the building was well taken care of, smelled great, and was very welcoming. The lobby was full of information about pets and pet care for potential adopters.

Dogs and cats were friendly and in about as happy an environment as a shelter can provide. What we most appreciated, though, was the kindness of the staff. Back in my nursing days, I did a research project on what patients consider "kindness". Statistically, people view kindness in conjunction with a solid knowledge base, professionalism, an even temperament, and a commitment to the task at hand. All of these characteristics were evident in the staff and in the overall atmosphere of the shelter. Thanks, Salem Animal Shelter, for doing a wonderful job. Oh, and thanks for the bunnies too- they're great (and up for adoption!)

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