September 17, 2010


Bella originally came from Pittsylvania County Animal Control and Pound with her puppy, Belle. There are a few dedicated volunteers in that area working hard to save their strays and unwanted pets, but they sure could use some help. According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture, 1716 animals were brought to their facility in 2009, and 1326 were killed. It’s something Southwest Virginia should not be proud of. The facts are in black and white, and we can choose to ignore them or we can choose to brainstorm and try to help.

Meanwhile, in our own backyard, 7573 animals were either picked up as strays or surrendered by their owners. Of this staggering number, an even more horrifying one emerges: 4834 of these were killed.

We live in a wonderful community- awesome people, beautiful mountains, rivers, and the best nature can offer. We have the fellowship of friends at church and other gatherings, and a relatively safe place for our kids make the journey into adulthood. Let's see if we can make it a safe place for the animals that depend on us just as much.

A special thanks to Bella's sponsor, Inglath. Bella is receiving a very aggressive heartworm treatment, and would love to find a foster home. Thanks also to Tammy for all the transport help. Inglath and Tammy are 2 ladies we can always, always, always count on. Thank you.

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