September 28, 2010

Bedford Rescue

At this time, staff and volunteers have are going about the business of taking care of 103 new residents at Angels of Assisi. Please click here, here, here and here for the news stories.

We need and appreciate your support. Donations for medical care are at the top of the list, please click here to help. We also need towels and volunteers for cleaning.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers for helping yesterday...

Deb and Bobbie, thank you for working a 17 hour day with a smile on your faces. Dr. Shelley and Dr. Emily, thank you for staying at the clinic until 10:30 pm last night, and for the all the hours you will put in this week.

Bo, Tammy, Logan, Brittany, Amber- thank you for staying well into the night cleaning and feeding. Rick and Sarah, we always know you will show up in our time of need, thank you. Dr. Farrell- you came intending to meet some old friends for lunch during your vacation, and ended up working a 10 hour day; we loved having you back in the clinic.

Bo, Zack, Tim, you'll have 10 times the workload for a while, and we know you had a full one already. Thank you.

Norm and Barb Mason are the founders of Angels of Assisi, and they never waiver when are we asked to help with a rescue. They are beyond doubt a voice for those who can't speak.

Soon our 15 minutes of fame will be over, but the incredible workload of caring for 102 animals will continue. Take a look at some of them below, and you'll see why it's all worthwhile.


  1. You guys are doing amazing work for the four-leggeds. Honored to know you.

  2. Oh my goodness Lisa....these photos are just tearing me up. We will send a donation as soon as we can and I will be networking for more people to help.