August 5, 2010

A Happy Ending For Hokie

Botetourt Animal Control brought Hokie, his 2 siblings and his mom to Angels of Assisi last year. His mom was suffering from heat stroke, and all 4 dogs were thin and covered with mange. After a bumpy road to recovery, Hokie has found his happy ending, fittingly, in Blacksburg. Check out the update from his new family below:

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have Hokie with us. He is a truly amazing dog who has brought us so much laughter and companionship. Hokie loves all of the walks he gets every day, and he's made a few new friends here in Blacksburg. I took him out in the country for a walk and he had his first encounter with a horse, which was very entertaining to watch.

He is such a smart little dog, and has already learned not only basic commands, but also how to shake, sit pretty, and rollover. He even walks without pulling on his leash, thanks to an EasyWalk harness. I am so happy that we were able to work everything out so that we could make him a part of our family. We can't thank you and the Angels staff enough for all of your help.


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