August 5, 2010

Guest Blogger

Melanie Schlaginhaufen is an excellent dog trainer, and a wonderful writer, and a good friend to many- humans and pets alike. She is fostering a fantastic dog named Dutch- he is friendly, obedient, rarely barks, and loves being with people. However, he has one big strike against him- click here for the story.

PS- Dutch has an application for adoption!


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  1. Dutch, who is now affectionally known as Duke, was adopted a few weeks ago by Grace and Justin Wilson of Roanoke. He is much loved, and enjoying going for walks, visits to their relatives, and just overall being a beloved companion to a wonderful couple. They are hikers and as soon as weather permits, he will be going on lots of outings! Thank you Angels of Assisi for finding this special boy a wonderful home. Melanie