June 25, 2010

On This Day

A typical day at Angels of Assisi involves about 35 spay and neuter surgeries, 40 pets seen throughout the day for wellness visits, numerous admissions to the adoption center and pets sent to their new homes from the adoption center. Here are a few faces that came through today, Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Gus- rescued from the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection in Roanoke. We picked Gus up this morning for a family that was interested in adopting, brought him to Angels of Assisi for a check-up, and sent him home this afternoon. He is a wonderful guy who was on is very best behavior at the clinic!

This big boy came in on the Assisi transport with other dogs and cats from the Bedford area early this morning. After getting checked in, each made their way through the spay/neuter clinic. After recovery, the transport vehicle took them back to Bedford where they will either go home or be put up for adoption by the Bedford Humane Society.

Meanwhile, back in the lobby, a lady brough this tub o' kittens in. They were in a plastic bin, with plastic wrap taped to the top as a cover. Talk about hot! While the tub did have some air holes, we were very relieved to see that they were all alive and well.  

These 3 newcomers were admitted to the adoption center, and will be available to go home next week.

Take the above stories, times them by about 30, add in a few extra requests for pet food, feral cat situations, senior horses in need, barn cats needing homes, puppies and senior dogs being admitted to the adoption center, event scheduling, and a few sweet volunteers and foster parents pitching in, and you have a typical day at 415 Campbell Avenue.

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