June 18, 2010

Alumni Friday- Dogs

Meet Rudy- formerly known at Angels of Assisi as Speckle. Rudy had a good start in life since he was in a foster home. Foster homes provide so much more than any shelter can, and we appreciate each and every one of our foster moms and dads.

Here is the email sent from Rudy's new owner to his foster parents, Amanda and John.

Amanda and John,
Hey, I hope you two are doing well. I know it's been quite a while since I sent you guys an update on Rudy. He's doing so well and he continues to amaze me almost everyday with how smart, loving and loyal he is. My girlfriend and I took him to the beach last Saturday. I was a little nervous about how he would do around so many people since he can get easily excited. He did better than I had hoped and we were even able to get him in the water. He slept pretty much the entire way home but he seemed like he had a great time. He has calmed down so much since I first got him. He now sleeps in a pen in my bedroom every night. He even knows when it's time for bed. When he sees me making my way upstairs he runs and gets in his pen without me having to tell him to. He's so smart! I've boarded him a few times in the past two months or so when I've gone out of town and he seems to enjoy that and getting to know other dogs. Thank you guys again so much for letting Rudy come into my life. He has been such a blessing and a great friend. I've included a few more pictures that I think you'll enjoy.

Take care,


Looking good, Rudy! We are so happy to see you are doing well. Have a great life, buddy ♥


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