May 28, 2010

What the Duck?

Yesterday, we received a very unusual admission to the adoption center; meet Perry, a handsome Pekin duck. He seems to be doing what Tyra Banks always coaches her new models to do- "smile with your eyes!" He's also very friendly and has a great quacking voice (granted, that may get a tad bit annoying after an hour or two).

Perry got to spend last night at Angels of Assisi. Zack, one of our favorite dog attendants, was quite surprised to see him, and also quite relieved that he was not expected to take him out to the yard for exercise time. This afternoon, Perry and I packed it up, said goodbye to all his new-found friends in the adoption center, and headed to the farm

Unfortunately our arrival woke all of the pigs out of a sound sleep, but they usually don't stay crabby for too long. Soon, Perry will be in with new duck friends and be swimmingly happy once again. Welcome home, Perry ♥


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