May 3, 2010

Hobo Gets The Girl

For several years, Hobo and Charlie were the only equines at Harmony Farm Sanctuary. Hobo is a 30 year old retired carriage horse, who could really care less about people since he spent 20+ years hauling them around the city streets of Alexandria.

Charlie is a super cute donkey, who likes to annoy the neighbors with his "hee haw, hee haw' routine early each morning.

Hobo and Charlie are always together, although the affection is more on Charlie's part (Hobo is not into other other animals much either). However, of all the people and animals on the farm, Hobo and Charlie have formed a bond, a Good Ole' Boys Club, Batman and Robin, Felix and Oscar. Or better yet, remember those 2 old theater guys from the Muppets? The ones who sat in the balcony and heckled people? That's them: old bachelors, a little rough around the edges, but having a good time and not too worried about what anyone thinks.

Then along came May Day.

May Day was rescued last Friday along with the dogs from Galax. She is 32 years old, and like the dogs, she is sweet, good natured, and well cared for- a true testament to the lady who owned them. May Day herself is all lady, with long legs and beautiful eyes. Despite her obvious arthritis, she is remarkably graceful. And Hobo is totally smitten with her.

He follows her every move, and keeps a watchful eye on her. I don't know if he used Charlie as a wing man in the beginning to help gain her attention, but he certainly does not need him now. Wherever May Day is, Hobo is close behind, and it is sweet to see them grazing and strolling in the pasture.

Meanwhile, Charlie now plays the role of Third Wheel. He's a little confused about his sudden drop on the totem pole, but hopefully they will work it all out. We'll be sure to give him him a little extra TLC, and for an hour over the weekend, he got his own girl. But she's no Hobo.


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