May 31, 2010

Festival in the Heart

This weekend, Angels of Assisi had a booth at Roanoke's Festival in the Park. We had a great booth, a terrific time, and spread the word about spay and neuter. We talked about the low cost wellness clinic. Volunteers gave advise on kitty litter issues and promoted dental cleanings. Visiting kids received tons of coloring pages, crayons, and temporary tattoos.

We also brought several pets that are up for adoption, including Marley the elderly beagle and his foster kitten sisters.

Towards the end of Monday afternoon, a family came by pushing their grandpa in wheelchair. They all oohed and ahhed appropriately at the cute kittens, and somehow in the shuffle one of the kittens ended up in Grandpa's lap.

The grandpa gazed down at her and tried to be very gentle, the kitten turned on her purr full blast, and somehow the world around us seemed to slow way down. It was one of those moments that make you stop and take a mental photo, and realize how fragile and short our time on this planet really is.

When the family was ready to move on, the grandpa looked up at us with eyes as blue as the sea and said "Thank you. Thank you very much". While speaking he held his eyes on ours to make sure we knew he appreciated the time spent with this precious animal. It's moments like this that warm the heart, and make it all worthwhile.


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