April 23, 2010

Faces We Love

All is well at Harmony Farm Sanctuary today- cows grazing, goats bopping around, bunnies stretched out as long as they can be, noses perpetually twitching. There is no sense of TGIF! like the rest of us humans have today; I guess in a way everyday is like Friday to the residents at the farm.

Wes is one of the farm dogs. He always has a sense of what's happening and who is going where. Everytime he goes through the barn he sticks his head in each stall "Anything new here? Everyone accounted for? OK, cool. I'll be back to check on you in an hour or so." He was a adopted from Angels of Assisi, and is Jason's right hand man at the farm; we coudn't think of anyone better suited for the job.

Noah is our big baby. He was born at Harmony, and bottle fed from day one. He'll gently and gladly take an apple from you anytime. Watching him try to grab it with that big ole' tongue without nipping your fingers is something to see. If you've ever doubted that cows have feelings and personalities of their own, come meet Noah, and he'll set you straight.
Ace is another youngster. Botetourt Animal Control rescued him and 2 others at 2 am on a Sunday morning. We were warned they were all in bad shape, and it was true. Both of the other cows were starved and pregnant; one only lived for a day, the other mama died delivering her calf. The baby was whisked to Virginia Tech, but sadly did not live more than a few days either. That left Ace, who spent a good month in a stall gaining his strength back.
Now he is out and about with the others. While a little more skiddish around people than Noah, he is a gentle soul. I'm grateful he'll never be in a place where people can hurt him again.

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